Therefore, “Topping” Can Mean…

Therefore, “Topping” Can Mean…

Being in Charge regarding the Encounter

The many constant descriptor within the open-form response information had been compared to the very best being “in control” or “in fee” of this intimate encounter, or else “leading the way” or being the “more active” or “dominant” partner. “You primarily enact, direct, or conduct the actions, ” said one butch top. “Someone that is the group captain when it comes to activity, ” published one bisexual top, including: “Someone whom frequently initiates or lovingly takes control. A person who is dealing with the obligation of providing one other party or events a great time. ”

“Emotional leadership work trumps action that is physical, ” had written a queer femme dominatrix regarding her concept of “top. ” “Often a high may be the one fucking, etc. But a top could be licked or fucked or whatever if they’re managing the scene. ”

Preferring to Be The Penetrator or The Giver

In homosexual men’s culture that is sexual tops penetrate and bottoms are penetrated, which arrived up a whole lot in respondents’ definitions, too. One tomboy femme lesbian top described tops as “the partner regarding the offering end of intercourse, whether that be dental, penetrative, digitally penetrative, etc. 继续阅读“Therefore, “Topping” Can Mean…”